The Art of Staging a Property

If you are selling or renting a property you know that it can be a significant transaction and it’s been said that 10 seconds is all that you have to impress a prospective buyer or renter.


Tastefully staging a property, residential or commercial, can set a property apart and boost the selling price to the top of comparable properties. 


Visual art is a powerful emotional medium that should be an integral part of a staging plan.  It lends character and helps customize a space to the targeted audience.   Because not all sellers stage their properties, those that do are at an advantage, for example:



  • Staging is among the top low cost home improvements for those ready to sell a property, the return on investment can be substantial


  • Staged homes spend less time on the market


If you are considering staging a property, consider Yellow Fine Arts as resource for wonderful works of art by extraordinary artists.



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