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Marianne McGinnis     LadyGod

Artist Marianne McGinnis, who goes by (LadyGod) has exhibited on Yellow Fine Arts since our inception in 2014. Her boundless energy and boundaryless approach regarding subject matter and mediums makes for a "never a dull moment", exciting, challenging experience for the viewer. 


LadyGod walks through the world as an urban dwelling, fashion-forward, funny feminist artist, and it is from this identity that her work flows.

This exhibit centers on a one of LadyGod's favorite subject matter - portraits.

Click here to view LadyGod's artist statement and learn more about her inspirations and creative process.

portrait of angelica huston oil on canvas panel 9in x 12in 2022.JPG

Angelica Houston

Oil on Canvas Panel

12 x 9 inches

tiny gold chain oil on canvas 8in. x 10.5 in 2023.jpg

Tiny Gold Chain

Oil on Canvas

10.5  x 8 inches

portrait of a powdered face oil on canvas panel 9inx12in 2022.JPG

Powdered Face

Oil on Canvas Panel

12 x 9 inches

earth coat  8 in x10 in oil on panel 2022.JPG

Earth Coat

Oil on Panel

10  x 8 inches

Portrait of a Socialite in Yellow Loewe Sweater oil on gessoed paper 11.5 in x 16 in 2023.

Socialite in Yellow Loewe Sweater

Oli on Paper

16 x 11.5 inches

portrait of marisa berenson oil on canvas panel 8 in x 10 in 2023.jpg

Marisa Berenson

Oil on Canvas Panel

10 x 8 inches

green eyeshadow 6.25 x 7.75 acrylic on canvas $200.JPG

Green Eyeshadow

Acrylic on Canvas

7.75 x 6.5 inches

portrait of cynthia erivo acrylic on paper 15.5 in x 11 in. 2022.jpg

Cynthia Erivo

 Acrylic on Paper

15.5 x 11 inches

portrait of a person with brown hair gouache on paper 8in. x 11.5 in 2018.jpg

Person with Brown Hair

Gouache on Paper

11.5 x 8 inches

three eyes and a crown oil on canvas 3.75 x4.5 inch 2022 CLEAN GOOD SCAN.JPG

Three Eyes on a Crown

Oil on Canvas

4.5 x 3.75 inches

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