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Dino's work charts the inner terrain of the subconscious, home of the supernatural. Drawing for Dino is a deep meditative process. He'll often work on one piece for over one hundred and fifty hours. Dino draws by tracing the shadows of his mind as it projects lines onto the paper. The result of which brings forth a vast internal landscape. This landscape is composed of ghost forms, whispers, regal guardians of dreams, and memories. These apparitions act as spatial delineators of time and space. They make up the very atmosphere, background, foreground and key archetypal figures. Dino states -  "Metaphorically speaking, the sky and the ground are the two primates of my art. They copulate at the horizon line and give birth to a pair of structures that echo their genesis. A thousand times over, their shadows overlap and multiply. Changing gradually from horizontal to vertical, until a new being is erected in the foreground. Familiar yet never before seen in the physical world".   For Dino, these progeny represent principle icons, agents that hold within their forms stories of origins, predictions of destiny, and rites of passage. Within these drawings lie a kingdom of immortal sages, oracles with instructions on how to live.

A Walk in the Park.jpg

A Walk in the Park

Pen and color inks on 140 lb water color paper

9" x 12"

Solar Flare.jpg

Solar Flare

Pencil on Paper

4" x 5.25"

The Three Dantians in One Breath.jpg

The Three Dantians in One Breath

Silverpoint on sand color acrylic textured primed 230 lb Paper

12" x 9"

Heart Ceremony.jpg

Heart Ceremony

Colored wax pastels on turquoise color bark paper

15" x 20"

Untitled Silverpoint.jpeg

Untitled Silverpoint

Silverpoint on white gouache primed paper

6" x 4"

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