YFA Presents

Artist Jill Slaymaker

A Retrospective, 1970s to Present

Jill Slaymaker_Cover Photo

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Oil, Beeswax, Copper, 24k Gold and Aluminum Leaf on Canvas


70" x  70"

Yellow Fine Arts is delighted to feature a retrospective of artist Jill Slaymaker's work. We are honored by this unique opportunity to share Jill's fantastic creative journey from the 1970's to present.

Jill was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1955.  She grew up in Indiana and New Mexico, and has a MFA degree in Painting from Texas A & M.  Ms. Slaymaker lives in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City.


Exhibitions of her artwork include the Tate Modern, London; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Dabawenyo Museum, Davao, the Philippines; Davis Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona; Nabi Museum of the Arts, Teaneck, New Jersey, and Port Authority windows, Manhattan. 


Collections include The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Library of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Davis Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, and Caroline Kennedy’s ambassador residence in Tokyo, Japan.


She is married to the composer Ned Paul Ginsburg, and they have a son, Alex.